Matsuda, A Car Stops Automatically When A Drive Feels unwell

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, [ Matsuda], an automobile company made a system for which makes a car stop automatically and safely when a driver suddenly become unwell.

An camera checks a driver’s eyes’ movement. When the camera detects that a driver fall asleep or suddenly lose consciousness, then letting the driver know by making a loud sound.

When the driver does not move then a car changes to automated driving. Let people around or other drivers know of abnormality by honking a horn and putting a hazard lamp on. It stops at the edge on a highway and stops slowly on other roads. Matsuda is to plan to sell cars with this systems next year.

The Matsuda is saying 「Even if a driver becomes unwell, a car will help person. We want to make cars with a peace of mind」

Honda Motor, Hino Motor and other companies have also started making this kind of technology.

The actual article from NHK

マツダ 運転うんてんしているひと具合ぐあいわるいときは自動じどうまるくるま

[11月5日 16時20分]






My thought

As I am getting older, it worries me a bit of driving. Not only my side but other drivers also might suddenly become unwell. Anything can happen on roads. This kind of system assure us with knowing that a car we are driving can help us. I can not wait for driving this sort of cars.

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