Three Days Quarantines Period for Business Passengers Who Enter Japan

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, the Japanese government has been requiring for all passengers who arrived and entered to Japan to do 14 days quarantines period at either hotels or their homes in order to prevent from spreading covit 19. However the passages, who have been vaccinated with the approved vaccines by Japan are required 10 days quarantines period from last month.

Recently there are number of people who infected with corvit has been reduced. There are opinions have risen which is requesting to make “come and go” from abroad much easier. As the result of that, the government is considering for the passages who enter for business purpose requiring only three days quarantines period at either hotels or homes. And after 4th days from arriving to Japan, to take a test to confirm that they are not infected. And after that they are allowed to take the public transport and to have a meal at restaurants.

So far any foreigners were not allowed to enter Japan. From now on, the business travelers who come for a short period and overseas students are allowed to enter Japan.

The governmen is condering to implement this new policy from around 8th of November.

The actual article from NHK


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My thought

The Japanese government is taking very slow steps to easing of immigration restrictions among G7. For even Japanese citizens there are so many documents and restrictions required. Personally I have not been to Japan for nearly two years. For Japanese citizen with not being vaccinated it depends on which country you come from the compulsory quarantine is still required either 3 days or 6 days by the government then isolate the rest of days to complete 14 days. Strongly advise to check before travelling. All foreign tourists are still not allowed to enter. The governing is slowly opening a door to foreigners. I really hope that a day is coming which we all are allowed to travel freely though it might take sometimes to come. At least allowing business travelers and overseas students with certain conditions will be good for Japanese economy.  

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