Want to visit Japan? Do you like Manga or Jpop? Do you love to eat Japanese food? Then why don’t you learn Japanese?




Hello (こんにちは)

Japan offers many fine things, such as diverse culture, interesting people, rich food, inspiring places, vibrate music etc which admired by many people.

If you go to Japan you don’t want to be lost in translation do you?

Can you imagine being able to speak and understand Japanese language? If you could express your feeling and special thought it would be fantastic wouldn’t it!!! What’s more your stay in Japan could be both fun and exciting. May be you are a big anime lover. then it would be much interesting and exciting to watch anime if you could understand what they are saying. Why don’t you start learning Japanese today?

A experienced and kind tutor will teach you from scratch.

Face To Face Tutoring

Face to face tutoring has many advantages;

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  • Immediate answers to your questions
  • Practising speaking together in a variety of situations
  • Correcting pronunciation on the spot
  • One to one undivided attention to yourself
  • Learning at your own pace and so on.

I am sure you all have tried free online tutoring once and like many people, you might have found that it was frustrating.  That is why one to one session is still strongly demanded and a popular method used by successful students.

COVIT-19 Safety Measure

However due to Corona virus outbreak,  to maintain safety measures and avoid from spreading the virus,  offering online one to one tutoring during  the current strange difficult time.   In a case of face to face tutoring in the UK, making  sure to keep a social distancing and to wear a face covering in order to keep both of us safe.

For the rest of world,  still continue online tutoring via Skype, Whatsapp and Line video call or Zoom.

First Experience – no worries

A 30 minutes free trail lesson is offered and lessons can be taken at either your location, mine or via Skype and Whatsapp video!!!

If you want to experience a difference, book your first free trail lesson. Contact my mobile on +44784-789-1856 or send me email using the contact form below. Please do not hesitate to ask me as many questions as you want.

Awaiting your contact.


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