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Making my students happy, motivated to learn Japanese and meeting their requirements, needs and targets are the important issues. After all, my first priory is to make them enjoy their lessons. To achieve the above, I make sure to pay closely attention to individuals so that I can provide them with not only Japanese languges and Culture but also joy, inspiration, encouragement and motivation in a friendly manner. What is more, I employ the diversity of teaching methords to each student.

General lessons

For those who are just interested in Japanese languaes, cultures such as rich food, the diversity of music, anime and manga, life styles etc. Just teach how to write , read and speak Japanese. Forcus on individuals’ needs and desires. Using text books called ” Marugoto”, Minna no nihongo” “Japanese for busy people”. There are many other books and materials available.

Intensive lessons

For those who are aiming to take examinations such as GCSE, IB and JLPT. Assist succesfully to pass the exams they want to take, using the appropriate text books and the past examination papers. Concentrate on improving various Japanese language skills of each student focusing on Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking (depends on which exam to take) according to each examination borad’s specification.


Studied over a period of 2 and half years. Found her very professional towards her subject. Encourages her students through clear explanation and problem solving. Works with a positive mindset to deliver her knowledge to many students. Helps her students by: putting them at ease with her approach and understanding. Explains their mistakes in a helpful way so they can rectify these easily. Answering these questions with meaningful explanations and examples. Encourages her students through practice and patience to understand and enjoy this interesting language. Take her time to explain in a logical and professional manner.

I ‘ve been very impressed with her attitude, helpfulness and patience over the time studying with her and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to study this interesting language.

.Nov 2022 David Tweddle

Mieko san has been tutoring me for 9 years, guiding me through the JLPT exams and helping me improve and maintain my daily Japanese. I am challenged and motivated by her teaching methods. She constantly includes aspects of Japanese culture that I am interested in in our lessons and homework, catching my interest and helping me learn vocabulary that is useful to me. On top of this she is kind and consciousness in her teaching and has become a valuable and cherished friend.

Dec 2020 Mary

“Very good teacher! Very understanding and offers detailed and comprehensive lessons, would recommend to anyone interested in learning Japanese”

Dec 2020 Jack

“Mieko is a kind, patient teacher who does her best to equip her students with the knowledge they need, at their own pace. The lessons are fun, reasonably priced and you learn a lot about the Japanaese language and facets of the culture you might have not heard before.

Sep 2021 Morgen

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