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This blue house is upside down


We call upside down “sakasama” in Japanese.

Therfore, we can say This blue house is “sakasama” (さかさま)

5th October 2020

Cherry Blossoms – Sakura. Why Does It Fall So Quickly?

Now is the time for cherry blossoms viewing. Why do Japanese hold a cherry blossoms viewing? First of all, I must explain why they call cherry blossoms as [Sakura]. Japanese people expressed “Happiness” as “Sachi 幸”. Therefore Sa of Sakura expresses as Sachi = Happiness.    Long time ago, Japanese people thought that God who…

A Boat On Which People Who Dressed Up Like Hina Dolls Goes On A River

According to News Web Easy, there is a town looks like Edo era at Sawara distric in Katori city, Chiba. On 12th, there was an event for Hina festival at the Ono River which runs through the town. About 60 people worn beautiful Kimono and dressed up like Hina Dolls. They rode on 5 boats…

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