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This blue house is upside down


We call upside down “sakasama” in Japanese.

Therfore, we can say This blue house is “sakasama” (さかさま)

5th October 2020

Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Ti Amo by Exile

Ti Amo (エグザイル) The Sunday J-pop time again! Today’s song called [Te Amo/I love you] by Exile. It was a fantastic sunny day but today it is a rainy day. I have chosen this song simply I just like the first line of the lyrics. “The bed is wide on Sunday night.” which makes me think … Continue reading

Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Koi/LOVE by Gen Hoshino

Koi (恋)/Love  The Sunday J-pop time again! Today’s song called [恋/Love] by Gen Hoshino. This song was used for a Japanese drama and he himself acted in that drama. The dancing was so popular, almost everyone in Japan tried to learn and dance in this style. The cheerful sound match today’s shine shinning. And the … Continue reading

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