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This blue house is upside down


We call upside down “sakasama” in Japanese.

Therfore, we can say This blue house is “sakasama” (さかさま)

5th October 2020

Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – AITAKUTE IMA BY MISHAI

Sunday J-pop – 「AITAKUTE IMA」I want to see you now! Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been? It has been strange week. After the pleasure the suffering came. Life is up and down. When people are unhappy they tend to look back the happy time they had and feel nostalgic. One of nostalgic thing … Continue reading

Around Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Tochigi, is lit up for the Night View

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, around the Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Tochigi has been lit up for an enjoyable beautiful night view in order to attract many tourists for sightseeing after the autumn leaves season gone. At the famous kegon no taki (Kegon waterfall), the lights shine on the waterfall, which falls 97 meters … Continue reading

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