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This blue house is upside down


We call upside down “sakasama” in Japanese.

Therfore, we can say This blue house is “sakasama” (さかさま)

5th October 2020

Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – You and I by Haruma Miura

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been?  The sun is hiding behind clouds here in UK. So I though I want to listen something warm and healing. Today’s Sunday J-pop is called 「You and I」written and sung by Haruma Miura who sadly died last July at age of 30. He was a very talented … Continue reading

Enjoy The Halloween at 「The Virtual Shibuya 」This Year

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, The Tokyo Shibuya Ward Tourism Association is to hold the Halloween event at [Vitural Shibuya] on internet from 16th October till 31st October this year again. [Vitural Shibuya] is enjoyable by uploading an application on a smart phone etc. A character we make will be able to walk … Continue reading

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