J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Melody by 8loom


Long time! Today’s song is called [Melody] by 8loom.

8loom is a fictional J-pop boy band. The members of 8LOOM are played by Fumiya Takahashi, Ryubi Miyase, Keito Tsuna, Rintaro Hachimura, Shuto Mori, NOA, and Koki Yamashita. The talented members of 8LOOM, who are actors, musicians, and dancers, have released songs and made their debut as a band outside the drama. (Kimi no Hana ni naru)

I love the sound. In the drama, this tune are played by a guitar and it gives you much more romantic sound rather than the energetic dancing sound like this video.

Hope you like it.


My heart sings a beat
君の側が僕の my best place, yeah – Next to you is my best place, yeah
Your heart is all I need
Come sing with me

不意に始まる – suddenly starts
メロディに惹かれて – attracts to melody
心が弾む 花が咲くようだね – my heart is beating, as if the flower blooms
側にいるだけで (I hear the sound) – Just being beside
聴こえる音色 (so beautiful) – the sound that I can hear
踊らずにはいられないんだ baby – I can;t stop dancing, baby

足並みを揃えてくように (sing with me) – make sure to keep a pace
回り出す世界が 歌い出すよ – the spinning world will start singing

口ずさむ melody, melody – humming melody, melody
音楽が彩る my days – music adorns my day
Harmony, harmony
君じゃなきゃ合わない my place – You are the best fit for my place
Yes 声を聞かせてほしい – yes, let me hear your voice
色褪せないメロディ – the melody never fades
Sing with me, sing with me
いつまでも – forever

この音符のように – just like this note
日々にある ups and downs – dairy ups and downs
君が笑うだけで yeah – if you just only smile
難解なコードも easy to sing – easy to sing difficult chords
It’s a good day
晴れ渡る sky, ah, ah, ah – a clear sky,
どこまでも fly, ah, ah, ah – flies everywhere
鼻歌交じりに there you, there you go -humming a tune.
軽快なサウンド let me take you around -the frivolous sound

綴る思い出たちが歌詞に (sing with me) – memories of spelling in the lyrics
溢れ出る言葉が 歌になるよ – overflowing words become a song

終わらない melody, melody -endless melody, melody
心に鳴り響くワンフレーズ – one phrase that rings in my heart
Harmony, harmony
君がハイノートで I’m base – You sing in high notes
Yes 夢を見させてほしい – please make me dream
代わりのないメロディ – irreplaceable melody
Sing with me, sing with me
奏でましょう – let play!

Baby, sing with me

Photo by u0158aj Vaishnaw on Pexels.com

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