Bears living near a town increased, Kanazaza city searches

According to News Web Easy, recently there has been an increase of bears coming to the areas where people living.

Kanazawa City asked an expert at Ishikawa Prefectural University to search where bears are living at a mountain from July till November last year. 35 cameras were fitted and compared the areas of the town with the heart of the mountain. When calculated the bears lived at the mountain it was 0.036 bear per 1 km2 from July to August last year, however, bears lived near the town it was 0.37 bear per 1km2. It has been increased by 10 times. The areas near by the town there was a mother bear and children bears. Those bears were same place two year ago as well.

The expert said [ Bears are living and raising children at near the town. It is very important that we do not leave any food waste or pets food outside.].

If you wish to read the actual articles in Japanese please visit News Web Easy below.

My thought

In UK, there are many foxes around, coming to our gardens, making their homes etc. Personally I do not wish to see them in my garden. I discovered there was a deep big hole underneath of a conifer tree in my garden two years ago. As a result of that I ended up cutting down the big conifer tree due to safety reason. It costed me a lot. I was surprised to see them around when I first came to UK because we do not see them in streets and roads and gardens in Japan. We can only see them at mountains. They are harmless but things would be different when it comes to bears. It is a bit scary and it would takes sometimes to get use to this king of life style.

There was a man who used to live near my house when I was a little girl. I did not know whether it was a true story or not but the man always was wearing a mask all the time. One day my mum told me that he went to a mountain and a hear hit his face and lost his nose. A poor thing happened to him. I just hope those bears living at Kanazawa city won’t attack human beings.

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