The Russian who lives in Japan support by selling Ukrainian foods

According to News Web Easy, Russia has been attacking Ukraine. The Russian woman and her Japanese husband , who live in Minami Awaji City, Hyogo, are donating a part of their sales to Ukrainian people who escaped from Ukraine. Two of them are selling Ukrainian pickles etc together with Russian foods by a kitchen car which has a cooking facility.

On 3rd, they went to the ares where many people gathered due to the consecutive holidays and were asking them 「Please help Ukraine」.

This Russian woman said 「Regardless nationality We have the feeling of against the war and supporting Ukrainian people. I want to tell people that let’s support together. A man who bought the Ukrainian sauce which used of Ukrainian mushrooms said 「I think it is a good idea. I want to support even a little. 」

If you wish to read the actual articles in Japanese please visit News Web Easy below.

My thoughts

That would be wonderful if we supports by doing what we can. I strongly hope that this war will end sooner than later.

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