A Japanese Event in October – Supotsu no hi (スポーツの日)/ Sports Day

Nowadays there are many events held in October in Japan. One of the a well-known events since I was a child is called Spotsu no hi currently names. (スポーツの日).

Former name was Taiiku no hi (体育の日)and it was 10th of October and the public holiday. The day was changed to the second Monday after year 2000.

In 1964, it was the first Tokyo Olympic was held on 10th October. To celebrate this day the Japanese government established 10th of October as Taiiku no hi. (Sports Day). In 2020, the name was changed to the current name “Supotsu no hi”.

What is the Sports Day スポーツの日?

As the name implies, on this day, we do sports. Around this time, many schools hold their annual うんどうかいー運動会(sports carnival). Doing various games and schools girls and boys enjoy competing.

運動会 綱引きの写真
つなひきTunahiki/a tug of war

One thing I can proud of was that I always won at a race! At the end of the race, I was given NO1 flag. My parents were always happy to see me became No 1.

かけっこ・Kakkeko/a race
秋の運動会 赤い帽子の小学生 体育大会の写真
あかぼうし・aka boushi/a red hat

According to the groups, the Japanese girls and boys wear different colors of hats.

女の子 運動会で体操中の写真

Parents made lunch boxes to their children. My favorite food was おいなりさん Oinarisan. Inari zushi is the proper name but as a child I used to call it Oinarisan.

いなりずし・Inari zushi
三色おこわ弁当 秋 テイクアウト 1の写真

It was huge delay for me to introduce the October’s event. I apologies for it. Hope you enjoy it.

ふんわりカスミソウとThank you カード の写真

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