JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES – アニメ絵本話 “だいこんとにんじんとごぼう・ A Radish and A Carrot and A Burdock”

Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

Daikon to ninjin to gobou – だいこんとにんじんとごぼう(A radish and a carrot and a burdock)


JUST few words before starting.

Dan dan batake (だんだんばたけ)- terraced fields

Go-jyoppari  (ごうじょっぱり) - stubborn 

Nonbiriya (のんびりや)- a easygoing person

kimijika na (きみじかな) – short-tempered

kirikabu (きりかぶ) – a stump

semai (せまい) – narrow

Me – (め)sprouts

Mizu – (みず・水) -water

Tane – (たね)seeds

Kuwa – (くわ) a hoe

let’s start!

Terraced fields. On the top field there is a big stump, in the middle field there is a burdock working on the field with a hoe. at eh bottom field, there is a radish working on his field

Once upon a time, there were terraced fields. A stubborn carrot and a short-tempered burdock and a easygoing radish were working together on the fields. Three of them were covered with mud every day.

On the top field the carrot is digging the big tree stump. Because the carrot is so stubborn that once started doing something he never stop in the middle of doing.

「what a bossy stump! If you don’t move, my field is too narrow to work on. 」The burdock was astonished and said.

The burdock and the radish are looking down the hole.  Inside the hole the carrot is digging

[Hey Carrot kun, it is impossible to dig such a huge stump out. You would get blisters on your hands and it would be trouble if you get backache.]

Inside the hole of the stump, while the carrot is sweating and digging it out with a hoe. The radish also show his face up slowly and talked

「It is better of working on another field!」

「Once I have decided here, never give up! I will surely dig this stump out!」

The burdock and the radish are covered with the mud

The carrot never give up. The soil the carrot threw up covered the radish and the burdock who were looking inside the hole.

The radish and the burdock were already fed up and said

[We have no time for carrot kun. The sprout might have came out in our fields now. ]

The radish and the burdock have gone to their fields quickly. Nevertheless, the carrot is still digging the soil out..

The burdock who went back to his own field which is located in the middle, while he is watering, he is singing.

「Show your sprouts, show your head」

When the radish saw it he laughed and said.

The radish is standing smiling and the burdock seems to be upset

「You just sowed seeds yesterday. The sprout won’t come out so quickly. 」

The burdock could not stand it and shouted.

[Hey, I have given water and fertilizer twice as much, So come out quickly. ]

The radish was astonished and return to his field at the bottom.

「Oh boy. What a impatient burbock. We should not rush in working on fields. It is better to take times and doing properly. 」

The radish has lifted a hoe slowly and is working on his field.

「The sun never disappear, lets do slowly. Nothing to be hurry.

To be continued (tsuzuki・つづき)

Mata ne. またね。

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