Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – You and I by Haruma Miura

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been?  The sun is hiding behind clouds here in UK. So I though I want to listen something warm and healing.

Today’s Sunday J-pop is called 「You and I」written and sung by Haruma Miura who sadly died last July at age of 30. He was a very talented actor, singer, dancer and what’s more, he was beautiful person outside and inside. Many his fan were devastated by the shocking news including myself. He had a good command of English too. He visited London.

Japanese and English lyrics

I put romanized lyric in addition to it so that you can sing along if you want.

You & I

Haruma Miura

In your dimples

Gently look into daily happiness

For love that plugs into a gentle chest

The meaning of sadness surrounds the roots

Every time I hug you, I’ll spill
抱きしめる度に こぼれおちそう

You shake
You 揺らすほどに

And I muffles as much as you stroke
And I 撫でるほどに くぐもる

Ai Ai
あい あい

You approach
You 迫るほどに

Feel as you pour
Feel 注ぐほどに

Suppress and swallow still
抑え 呑み込む 今も尚

The scent of cheekbones on your sleeping face
頬骨の香りに あなたの寝顔に

The daily sweetness gently exudes

While burying my face in my big spine

Close your eyelids with a pulsing sound

Every time I smile, I spill
微笑見る度に こぼれおちそう

You 添わすほどに

And I muffles enough to fit
And I 合わすほどに くぐもる

Ai Ai
あい あい

You wrap it up
You 包むほどに

The more you receive the Feel
Feel 受けるほどに

This chest is caught and floats
この胸捕まれ 浮遊するの

I want to scream
叫びたい 求めてるその先の言葉

An unbearable heart that I want

The agony of impatient and impatient love
焦らされ焦らした 愛の悶え

You love me
You 愛するほど

And I muffles the harder
And I 労るほど くぐもる

Ai Ai
あい あい

Feel 交わるほど

Us so much to love
Us 愛でるほどに

Deepening mutual love
深まる 互いの愛の調

Source: Musixmatch

What a wonderful heartfelt song. He sung beautifully. After listening to this song, hope you feel much calmer, being loved, peaceful in your heart.

Hope you like the song. Thank you for dropping by!!!

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