Enjoy The Halloween at 「The Virtual Shibuya 」This Year

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, The Tokyo Shibuya Ward Tourism Association is to hold the Halloween event at [Vitural Shibuya] on internet from 16th October till 31st October this year again.

[Vitural Shibuya] is enjoyable by uploading an application on a smart phone etc. A character we make will be able to walk around freely in a town which is exactly looks like the real Shibuya. For instance, [Shibuya Scramble Crossing]. We also are able to join the event.

At Shibuya, every year young people and foreigners gathered and many troubles have happened. Last year the Shibuya ward told everyone not to come to Shibuya and to have a fun at [Virtual Shibuya] due to the corona virus outbreak.

An Shibuya mayor told that 「This year also please enjoy the Halloween at virtual Shibuya. Let’s make new culture from Shibuya.」

The actual article from NHK


[10月13日 16時30分]





My thought

Nothing like going to a real place to enjoy the Halloween, however this sounds interesting. Everything has became being done remotely. Workings, meetings, learning and teaching lessons, exercising etc, all to be held online. Personally meeting someone face to face is the way for enjoyments like Halloween but at the same time, under the circumstance it is understandable and this is a great idea!.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

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