The 6 Olympic Athletes Who Did Not Follow the Rules Not Participate

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, There are rules to follows at The Tokyo Olympic in order to prevent from spreading the corona virus.

On 1st of August, the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee has made ID cards of six athletes who did not follow the rules stopped from being used. The athletes can not participate the Olympic without the ID cards.

Among those athletes, two are came form Georgia. After participating the Jyudo competition, they got out of the Olympic Village without the permission and went out to see a Tokyo Tower. Other four were arrested due to the allegation of usage of cocaine. They are Americans and English technicians.

Apart from these, the athletes who have been suspended from using ID cards for a while are eight and fourteen athletes have been strictly warned.

The Tokyo Olympic organizing committee has said 「Everyone need to follow the rules in order to succeed the Olympic」

オリンピック ルールをまもらなかった6にん参加さんかできなくなった

[8月2日 16時45分]






My thought

This Olympic has already been deeply damaged from the pandemic. This is very upsetting news. Nobody wants to be locked up at a place, we all want to go out and enjoy. But other athletes are at least following the rules, respecting the rules. Just shame to hear this kind of behavior and conducts.

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