8 Japanese Expressions for Illness

The Illness expressions

When you get Japan you might end up being sick. But if you know simple expressions how to describe your feeling it will be great help to doctors as well as to yourself. Here are some of them.


An example

Have a headache

Atama ga itai ーあたまがいたい

Have a stomachache

Onaka ga itai – おなかがいたい

Have a toothache

Ha ga itai – はがいたい

2) ~GA ARU

Have a fever

Netsu ga aru – ねつがある

3) ~ GA DERU

Have a cough

Seki ga deru- せきがでる

Have a runny nose

Hanamizu ga deru- はなみずがでる


Feel nauseous

Hakike ga suru – はきけがする

Feel a chill

Samuke ga suru- さむけがする

Feel dizzy

Memai ga suru – めまいがする

5) ~ O SURU

Have diarrhea

Geri o suru – げりをする

Get injured

Kega o suru – けがをする

Get burnt

Yakedo o suru – やけどをする

6) ~GA NAI

Have no appetite

Shokuyoku ga nai – しょくよくがない


Feel weary

Karada ga darui – からだがだるい

8) ~ GA KAYUI  

Body parts + itchy (kayui).

My legs itches – ashi ga kayui -あしがかゆい

I will do some of body parts in my next blog!


I hope you find it easy to use those expressions.

Thank you for dropping by.

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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