The Japanese Convenient Stores 「kon-bini/ コンビニ」Change Plastic Containers To Papers.

Do you know a Japanese convenient store? The Japanese call it a [kon bini]. The kon nini sells many things, such as foods, daily necessities, newspapers, magazine. Also they provides service like ATM machine, selling concert/films tickets, and accepting payments for bills etc. Similar to an corner shop in UK. The three major convenient chain stores are [Family Mart], [7- Eleven], and [Lawson].

Today, I will tell you about the kon bini, Family Mart and Lawson.

According to News Web Easy, due to the Covit-19 problems, customers in Japan tend to buy Obento (a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal of Japanese origin by Wikipedia) rather than eating at shops. As a result, the usage of plastic containers for Obento has been increasing. Kon bini stores have been planning to change them to paper containers in order to reduce plastic rubbish.

The Family Mart has started selling a salmon Bento with the paper container except its lid in March. They says that they will be able to reduce 40 % of usage of the plastic which is used for one container. By the end of April, they are planning to sell other three bentos’ with the similar paper containers. The Lawson has changed the plastic bowls for the food made at the store. By May, an approximately 6,400 Lawson stores are planning to change the plastic containers to paper’s one.

The kon bini stores says “They will find out how bentos are selling well, check the customers’ opinions and they want to consider how they can reduce the usage of the plastic containers.

The actual article in Japanese

コンビニ 弁当べんとうものをプラスチックからかみえる




Thank you for reading.

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