Surprising Items You can Buy at Japanese Vending Machines!!!

Japan is the country of many vending machines [jido hanbai ki/自動販売機] available at streets. The vending machines has been very popular because of its convenience.

As you may know common items we can buy at the vending machine are drinks, ice creams, chocolates and cigarettes. Since I left Japan many many years ago, I just can not believe various things we can buy nowadays. It is changing for customer’s needs as environments changes rapidly. When I was in Japan, I think the things I could buy were drinks, beers, cigarettes, ice cream, cup noodle and condoms.

  • Cup Noodles /ラーメン
  • Sweet/スイート
  • Cigarettes/たばこ
  • Instant eatable frozen foods/すぐ食べられる状態で出てくる冷凍食品
  • Hot Dogs/ホットドック
  • Ice, Ice cream/アイス
  • Bananasバナナ
  • Drinks, beer/飲み物・ビール
  • Umbrellas, dairy necessities /傘・日用品
  • Condoms/コンドーム
  • Car washing items/洗車用品
  • Disposable cameras/使い捨てカメラ
  • Sandwiches/サンドウィッチ
  • Wedding rings/ウェディングリング
  • Contact Lenses/コンタクトレンズ
  • PCR test kits/PCR検査キット


I know this type of vending machine!! On the left hand side, there is the attached hot water dispenser where we place a cup noodle to put hot water for eating.

A cup noodle vending machine
inazakira/Wikimedia Commons

This rather new vending machines to me is selling the hot can already made noodle. We just buy and eat. how easy would it be!

Piggy1/Wikimedia Commons


I certainly feel the general gap. My times there were not this kind of machine available… Hot Dogs, Fried potatoes, Tako yaki…. oh my god, this is so good!!

24 HURS hot foods, drinks and ice creams vending machines

My favorite drink – Oshiruko

Cold drinks as well as hot drinks are widely available. This hot Oshiruko drink is a sweet red bean. When I was feeling tried and chilly this drink used to give me a power!!

Hot Oshiruko drink


Finally, we can buy bananas. The vending machines is constantly kept its temperature 13 degrees so that freshness is always be maintained.

The banana vending machine
James Hadfield/Flickr

Umbrellas /dairy necessities

What a surprise! We can buy umbrellas and dairy necessities including nappies as well. Wow!

Umbrellas and dairy necessities vending machines.
Danny Choo/Flickr

The trendy items – a Wedding Ring and an contact lenses at a vending machine

This is the highlight of today’s blog! This vending machines has become available due to corvit -19. DIY wedding ring. We can select any size, try the 8 samples to find out your size and make it yourself, it takes about 10 minutes to make. It is located at Shibuya, Tokyo. It is 9,900 yen. It is around £60.

At Shibuya Paruco, Shibuya, Tokyo, we can buy an contact lenses with QR code. Prior to the purchasing we need to upload our prescription for our eyes by using the application. One box is about 550 yen, about £3.00.

Covit-19 PCR test kits

As far as I know the vending machines for Covit-19 PCR test kits are currently available at big city like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.

What a world we are living!! Innovating day by day!!!

Please let me know any interesting vending machines in your country. Arigato gozaimasu.

About mkchatinjapanese

I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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