Stories for children are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life.

Previously I post [A rice ball family part 1], today I will post the final part! Hope you will enjoy it.



Japanese version

The image of rice balls are fighting each other. And One white rice ball is standing and shouting.

English translatio

6. Finally the rice balls started fighting. The rice ball wrapped with lettuce and the rice ball wrapped with a shiso (is a cultigen of Perilla frutescens) have fallen on the pickled plum rice ball and the cod roe rice ball when they are fighting. Sticking each other, crushing each other….

7. The white ball who has been keeping his temper stood up and shouted.

“Shut up! Be quite!! No one is going to be taken to the excursion tomorrow if you all are fighting each other! Let’s get along”

The image of rice balls listening to the white rice ball. All rice balls are get along.

8. Suddenly, other rice balls have noticed and became quiet. They were ashamed being a bad shape and reshaping and reforming each other.

9. And then all rice balls said  in unison.

“Let’s get along with friends from now on! We will appear at [surprised rice ball Puzzles & Quizzes]. O, TA, NO, SHI, MI, NI, NE. (you will have fun).”

THE END. (owari/おわり)

My review

This story teaches me as follows;

  1. Even if you are bullied, fight back when the necessary situations arise.
  2. Be courageous to take a leadership.
  3. Do not push your egoism
  4. Notice and accept any wrong doing and try to change it
  5. Everyone is different but accept as that are their uniqueness.
  6. Respect others and yourself.
  7. Always try to find a solution without fighting. (win-win solutions)
  8. Try to harmonize with others.

Hope you learn something too! See you in the next story!

Mata ne. またね。

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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