Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay Begins From Fukushima Prefuecture

The New Tokyo National Stadium

According to News Web Easy, the one of the purposes of the Tokyo Olympic is to tell the world of the state of the disaster areas, where the great East Japan Earthquake hit 10 years ago, that has become much much better.

For this reason, the Olympic torch relay has started from Fukushima Prefecture, where was hugely damaged by the disaster. The ceremony of departure was held at 9 am at J village where is a football training place, in Fukushima Prefecrture.

The president, Ms Hashimoto, said at the ceremony ” the corona virus has been spreading around the world for the past one year and it has been difficult times for all of us. Having said that, the torch was waiting for this moment, today’s departure! The torch will be a light at the darkness, and will be relaying with hope. I sincerely pray for this torch to become a bigger light with hope and reaching at the Tokyo National Stadium on 23rd of July”

And then, the torch designed with Sakura (cherry blossoms) was lit, the team of 16 former female footballers who won at the world cup 10 years ago first started running.

An approximately 10,000 runners will be participating for the torch relay and running around all prefectures in 121 days.

For Japanese learners, the below is the Japanese article extracted from NHK News Web Easy.







Thank you for reading my blog, lets hope that Tokyo Olympic will be successful!

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