Cherry Blossoms – Sakura. Why Does It Fall So Quickly?

Now is the time for cherry blossoms viewing.

Why do Japanese hold a cherry blossoms viewing?

First of all, I must explain why they call cherry blossoms as [Sakura]. Japanese people expressed “Happiness” as “Sachi 幸”. Therefore Sa of Sakura expresses as Sachi = Happiness.   

Long time ago, Japanese people thought that God who brings happiness stays at a mountain. That is why even now, there are many places where God is enshrined on top of a mountain. People used to think that the god comes down to a village from a mountain in spring and stays until autumn for a harvest season. And people called that god as Sa no Kami. Cherry blossoms were to tell people that when the god comes down to a village from a mountain. When cherry blossoms bloom it means that the God came down to a village from a mountain . And people held an event celebrating for the god came down and brought the happiness. That event was a cherry blossoms viewing.

Why does Sakura has a short life? Falling quickly?

Also Sa means quick, quickly, that is why SAKURA finishes blooming so quickly. Sa no kami kept the happiness that suppose to brings to everyone of us inside Sakura first. People understood that that was why each sakura leaf contains the full of happiness.

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And that happiness will be spread to everyone by falling. Sakura needed to fall quickly in order to deliver the happiness to everyone quickly.

All Japanese events have such a beautiful meaning and the reasons why they do hold them.

I realized yet again that Japanese is such a great country spiritual wise.

Thank you for reading.

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