Gold Gotten at A Hot Spring

According to News Web Easy, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology told that they have discovered a method of getting gold.

Gold is melted in Magma. Gold is melted by hot water around magma and then rises to the surface of the Earth.

The group thought that because gold is melted by hot water gold must be inside a hot water too. And they thought of using the cyanobacteria sheet in order to get gold.

Gold has the property of sticking to cyanobacteria.

The group experimented at the Tamagawa Onsen in Akita Pref. They managed to get the gold after putting the cyanobacteria sheets inside the Onsen. Assuming that 1 ton of the cyanobacteria sheets were used it is about 30 g. Normally 3- 5 g of gold are gotten from 1 ton of stones at the world mountains of gold

The group said 「We think that this is the new way of getting gold」


What a fantastic discovery!!!

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