Sunday 80’s J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Monroe Walk by Yoshitake Minami

Monroe Walk

The Sunday J-pop time again! Today’s song called Monroe Walk by Yoshitaka Minami. It is Latino disco sounds. It is perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. It first released in April 1979. After that in 80s, an ideal singer, Hiromi Go sang it and was hit.


Monroe Walk (モンロー・ウォーク) (モンロー・ウォーク)

Song by Yoshitaka Minami

Point your toes to the sea and take a Monroe walk
つま先立てて海へ モンロー・ウォークして行く

Who’s the coolest girl in the step per Jamaica
いかした娘は誰 ジャマイカあたりの step で

Ignoring the men chasing with my eyes, I twisted my waist
目で追う男たちを 無視して腰をひねり

Bronze-colored skin glowing in the light
Bronze 色の肌 光受けなまめく

A noisy beach in the early afternoon
昼下りの ざわめく浜辺

Spirals of rumors, sea breezes
噂のうず 巻き込む潮風

The sweat on my chest glistens, and I’m troubled by where to turn my eyes
胸元の汗キラリ 眼のやり場にも困る

I want to persuade you, but you have no chance
口説きおとしたいのに スキもないね君は

Cattleya on your tied up hair, stylishly decorated with a smile
束ねた髪にカトレア 小粋に飾ってニッコリ

Backless dress, glass in one hand, swing
背中のあいたドレス グラスを片手に swing

By the window where the night breeze is sweet
夜風が甘い窓辺 人波わけてフラリ

Lean back and get drunk, a quiet pose
もたれて酔いざまし しどけない pose

Everyone’s eyes are fluttering
誰もが皆 視線あびせる

The way I put my hand on my waist is annoying
腰にあてた 手つきが悩ましい

I casually slide my feet and advance next to you
さりげなく摺り足で 君のとなりへ進み

Even if I hear your name, give me a wink
名前を聞きだしても 気を持たせて wink

ないしょでと wink

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: 来生 えつこ / 南 佳孝

Monroe Walk (モンロー・ウォーク) lyrics © Young Japan Group Inc., Young Japan Group Inc

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