The Cheapest bending Machine in Osaka -10 yen per bottle

According to News Web Easy, the prices of products are increasing, however, there is a bending machine that we can get a drink at 10 yen from in Osaka.

Instead of drinks’ images cats’ images are printed on the bending machine so we do not know what we will get from. The person who bought said 「There are good and bad things. Even if I get a oshiruko (hot read bean soup), I can get away with it because it is just 10 yen. 」

The company have placed 500 bending machines in the Kansai region. The person from the company said [ We sell 80% of drinks at a normal price but we sell the products of which the expiration date are soon to be over at 10 yen. Because it costs us 20 yen to get rid of them it will be better off selling them at 10 yen. ].

The 50 yen bending machines and 100 yen bending machines are put next to 10 yen bending machines. The company is hoping that customers will buy 50 yen drinks or 100 yen drinks even if selling at 10 yen leaves the company in the red.

Anyone who wish to read the original article please click below the link.

My thought

It is a clever promotion. Just like a fortune cookies we would not know until we open it. That bring us a bit of excitement. When we get thinks we do not want we tend to buy things we want. That is the human behavior. The company know what they are doing. Well done!

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