90’s Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Asahi o Mini Iko/Let’s go to see the Sunrise by Smap

Asashi o Mini Iko

The Sunday J-pop time again! Today’s song called [Asahi o Mini IkoStay With Me/Let’s go to see the sunrise] by Smap.

Smap is a Japanese boy group consists of 5 memberS, of Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori. Although they disunited now they were extremely popular at their time. And they are still loved and missed by many fans.

This song were covered by many various of singers. Although their singing skill were not so great at the beginning and definitely showed in the video of their early carrier. However this is a lovely tune. It expresses someone’s caring and kindness heart even though two are no longer together.


Asahi Wo Mini Ikou Yo (Music Box) (朝日を見に行こうよ (オルゴール))

Song by Orgel Sound J-Pop

Performed by Smap

I want you to wake me up at night when you can’t sleep
眠れない夜は 僕を起こして欲しい

Midnight alone is very lonely, isn’t it?
一人きりの真夜中って とても寂しいでしょ

If you put your wishes on the stars in the night sky
夜空の星に 願いを込めてみれば

One day I’m sure it will come true for you
いつかきっとかなう日が 君には来るだろう

Even if one day I grow up and fall in love and my heart changes
いつか大人になって恋をして 心が変わっていても

Some things like the scenery you are looking at now do not change
今見てる風景の様に 変わらないものもある

Let’s go see the rising sun with me to the sea ahead
僕とこの先の海へ 朝日を見に行こうよ

Don’t forget to cherish that clear heart
きっと忘れないで その澄んだ心を大切にね

I’m sure there will be sad things someday
悲しいことも いつかきっとあるはず

But it’s so stupid to give up your dreams
でも夢を捨てるなんて とても馬鹿なこと

Even if I forgot that I walked hand in hand
手をつないで歩いたことなんて とっくに忘れていても

I muttered “It’s beautiful” I want you to stay as it is
“きれいね”とつぶやいた そのままでいて欲しい

Let’s go see the rising sun to that pier with me
僕とあの桟橋まで 朝日を見に行こうよ

You see, the orange sea is beautiful, isn’t it?
ほらオレンジ色の 海がきれいでしょ

When you feel sad, remember
そうさ悲しくなったとき 思い出してみてごらん

Don’t forget to cherish the memories of the two
きっと忘れないで 二人の思い出を大切にね

Fu Yeah Dalala …
Fu Yeah Dalala…

Come see the sunrise to this pier someday
いつかこの桟橋まで 朝日を見においでよ

You can hear the song that day
あの日口ずさんだ 歌が聴こえるでしょう

Come back, even if time goes by, oh
そうさ戻っておいでよ 時がずっと流れても Oh

This morning sun doesn’t change, I’m always waiting
この朝日は変わらないよ いつでも待ってる

Let’s go see the rising sun with me to the sea ahead
僕とこの先の海へ 朝日を見に行こうよ

Don’t forget to cherish that clear heart
きっと忘れないで その澄んだ心を大切にね

forever and ever…

Source: Musixmatch

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

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