Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pops) – The Time by Crap Clap

The Time (Crap Clap)

The Sunday J-pop time again! Today’s song called [The Time] by Crap Clap.

Here in UK it is rainy day and it’s just 18 degree. It is not warm enough for me to be active so I thought something cheerful and light sounds to make me feel happier though I am happy already and make me feel energetic this Sunday afternoon!

Crap Clap is an indie pop/rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The band consists of vocalists and guitarists Minegishi Shin and Tomoya Uekawa, bassist Kazuma Doi, drummer Yuta Morikawa and keyboardist Shuka Kawase.

The intro of this song sounds families to me and reminds me of Tatsuro Yamashita and Hawaii. I just love it!

The time

crap clap

Overflowing sunrise

Clockwork New Days

Boys and girls attracted to each other in a dream
惹かれ合ったボーイズアンドガールズ 夢の中

I won’t stop One More Time

For a ringing alarm

One more chance like a sword

Before it gets slimy

I want you to say “Don’t go anymore”

If the smell of shampoo pops

I love you baby
I love you baby

It looks like it’s not enough

I love you baby
I love you baby

Every day, Manny and Honey

Love can’t be stopped

I want to do this a little more

Mistake talent

Embrace me blue sky

Forgotten sweetie time

Into a dream

I don’t need anything like this
何にも要らないな こんな具合で

The smell of shampoo pops

I wish I could continue this time forever
こんな時間が ずっと続けばいいのに

It’s already time

I love you baby
I love you baby

Because it’s too short

I love you baby
I love you baby

Rainy days and blue sky days
雨の日も 空が青い日も

Let’s go with love and peace

By the way, I want to do this all the time

Source: Musixmatch

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