JR East Japan Railway – Hide Russian Language Guide but Put Them Back After Being Criticized as discrimination

According to News Web Easy, JR East Japan Railway Company has been hiding Russian guide on the signboard which are located at Ebisu station, Tokyo with a paper since 7th of this month. On the signboard such as 「Roppongi」「Nagamegura」were written in Russian in order to guide people who takes tubes.

The Company has explained that since Russia has attacked Ukraine they were told by some people who uses the station that 「Each time they see the signboard they feel unpleasant」so they have hidden the Russian characters.

However, over the internet many people opposed to it because hiding it leads to discrimination. As a result of that, the company has decided to put them back to as it was from 15th.

JR East Railway said 「After having heard the opinions of the people who opposed, we thought it would be better to put the signboard back to as it was. We sincerely apologies for our action which makes people think that we are discriminating. 」

An actual article at News webs easy for Japanese learner.

Provided by NHK

JR東日本ひがしにほん 案内あんないのロシアかくしたが差別さべつわれてもど

[4月15日 16時50分]






Hope the war will end soon and we all have a peace of mind. Then none of theses problems occur.

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

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