「Please use AED to help person whose heart has stopped」

According to NHK news web easy, ADE is a device to make a heart to re-establish with an electricity when someone’s heart has stopped and collapsed. Anyone who is not even a doctor is able to use it as well. In Japan, more than 60 AED are placed at places such as stations and department stores.

The government has researched the percentage of AED used to help collapsed persons. In 2019 it was more than 5 % but the year of 2020, which the covit 19 spread, decreased to 4.2%. The government thinks that some people did not want to close to other people in order to avoid from catching the virus.

The Japan AED foundation has said「Please use ADE to help person whose heart has stopped. Putting a hankie on top of the mouth of the person who has collapsed , the virus is less likely to be transmitted」.

全国に60万台あるAEDで助かる命 女性への使用ためらわないで:朝日新聞デジタル
Photo provided by Asahi Newspaper

An actual article at News webs easy for Japanese learner.


[2月10日 12時00分]




Thank you for stooping by. Arigato.

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