The Primary School In Nagano Pref Has the Skating Lessons at The Paddy Field

According to NHK news web easy, the primary school in Komoro City in Nagano, is giving the lessons of how to grow rice at the paddy field. In winters, the neighbors and the school put water in a paddy field to make it frozen in order to make a skating rink. The size is approximately 30 meters x 10 meters.

At the end of the last month, the paddy field froze and was ready for an ice skating. This year, to prevent from spreading the covit 19, the lesson has been held by one class per a session.

The third year student said 「I have fallen many times but I was happy to have done the skating with everyone. It was so enjoyable that I did not even feel cold.」. The person who makes a skating rink every year said 「Just looking at the children skating I forget how hard it was to make the skating rink」.

An actual article at News webs easy.

長野県ながのけん小学校しょうがっこう んぼでスケートの授業じゅぎょう

[1月25日 12時00分]




I was born in Komoro city. This article reminds me of my childhood. I used to do a skating on a paddy filed at the back of my school. To be honest I hate winters now, but it is very strange isn’t it when I was a child I did not even feel cold at all. The photo below was taken when I went back to my home town in January 2017. It was bitterly cold and snowed.


Thank you for stooping by. Arigato.

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  1. It is thoughtful to build the ice rink. Ice skating is a great way to enjoy the cold weather.

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