The Santa Claus Of The Lighting At The Night Sky, With 300 Drones

According to NHK Net News Web Easy, on 16th, 「The Christmas Drone Show」has started at Kamishihoro cho in Hokkaido in order to make everyone feel cheerful.

At the show, 300 drones with LED lights flied at the night sky harmonizing with the music, formed the beautiful shapes of a reindeer and a Santa Claus etc.

At the previous night, about 700 people at the town enjoyed the show as a festival. The parent who came to see it with the children said, 「I was impressed. I though it was great that the drones can do such things」

According to the committee that has implemented the show, the show will be held at 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm twice a day at 「Michi no Eki」, Kamishihoro cho until 25th December except days with bad weather. The show is free of charge to see.

The actual article from NHK

Have a look at the below actual article for reading practice if you are a Japanese learner.

Imaged by NHK

よるそらひかりのサンタクロース 300のドローンで

[12月17日 17時20分]





メリークリスマス・A Merry Christmas

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