Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – Story By AI and Takumi Kitamura

Sunday J-pop – 「Story」

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been? We are living the era in which we need to be strong and never give up on our life. With dreams and hopes we must carry on. We give our warm hands to people who needs, help and support each other. Today’s song is called “Story” by AI and Takumi Kitamura. This beautiful song was delivered perfectly by this duet.. The Ai is the artist and she wrote its lyrics of the song which was released in 2005.

The below video was the one performance from the Music Fair on TV. Takumi Kitamura is a young actor but certainly is capable of singing well.

The Japanese Lyrics and my English translation

The actual lyric is much longer than the one in the above video but I have translated the above lyrics.

限られた時の中で Within the limited time
どれだけのコトが出来るのだろう… How many things can I do?
言葉にならない ほどの想いを The though I can not put in words
どれだけアナタに 伝えられるのだろう… How much can I tell you?
ずっと閉じ込めてた I have sealed for a while
胸の痛みを消してくれた You erase the pain in my heart
今 私が笑えるのは Now that I am able to laugh
一緒に泣いてくれた キミがいたから because you stayed with me crying

一人じゃないから I am not alone
キミが私を守るから cos you protect me
強くなれる もう何も恐くないヨ… I can be strong, I am not scare of anything any more,
時がなだめてく The time will heal
痛みと共に流れてく and pass by with the pain
日の光が やさしく照らしてくれる The daylight shines gently

時には人は傷つき、傷つけながら Sometimes people get hurt and people hurts someone
染まる色はそれぞれ違うケド Although the colors dyed are all different
自分だけの Story作りながら生きてくの We are all making our own story and live  だから ずっと(ずっと)、ずっと(ずっと)So forever, forever,
あきらめないで Don’t give up

一人じゃないから cos you are not alone
私がキミを守るから cos I protect you
あなたの笑う 顔が見たいと思うから cos I want to see your smile
時がなだめてく The time will heal
痛みと共に流れてく and pass by with the pain
日の光が やさしく照らしてくれる The daylight shines gently

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We are not alone, there are always someone beside you. They could be a partner, parents, friends, neighbors. Never give up!


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