Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – AITAKUTE IMA BY MISHAI

Sunday J-pop – 「AITAKUTE IMA」I want to see you now!

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been? It has been strange week. After the pleasure the suffering came. Life is up and down. When people are unhappy they tend to look back the happy time they had and feel nostalgic. One of nostalgic thing is definitely “lost love” Today’s Sunday J-pop is called [Aitakute ima] by Mishia. This song was major hit in 2009.

This song is about missing the person she loves and want to see him again. It is a lovely tune and Mishia’s voice is so smooth, emotional and touching.

The Japanese and English lyris

The English translation below is ecxtracted from LyricFind, just want to tell you that some lines are mistranslated. They have seemed to misunderstand who is the topic maker. So I wrote my own translation inside the ( ).

Aitakute Ima


The day I first met

Do you remember

Memories of the passing days

Don’t forget

Everything you stare at

I want to feel

I looked up at the sky and now there
空を見上げた 今はそこで

Are you watching over me? Tell me
私を見守っているの? 教えて

I want to meet you now
今 逢いたい あなたに

I have a lot to tell
伝えたいことが たくさんある

Hey i want to see you i want to see you
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい

If you notice it, I’m sad to look for it
気づけば面影 探して 悲しくて

Where are you? Hold me
どこにいるの? 抱きしめてよ

I’m here forever
私は ここにいるよ ずっと

I hope I can never meet again (my translation would be like this – that I never see you again)

If you knew (If I knew)

Hands held together forever
繋いだ手を いつまでも

I didn’t let go

“Be here” so obediently
『ここにいて』と そう素直に

If you were crying (if I were crying)

You are still the same
今も あなたは 変わらぬまま

Are you laughing next to me?
私の隣りで 笑っているかな

I want to meet you now
今 逢いたい あなたに

I have a lot to ask
聞いて欲しいこと いっぱいある

Hey i want to see you i want to see you
ねえ 逢いたい 逢いたい

Overflowing tears

Time was a prank
時は いたずらに過ぎた

Hey, I want to see you, hug me
ねえ 逢いたい 抱きしめてよ

I’m thinking of you forever (more than you are thinking of )
あなたを 想っている ずっと

Even if fate cannot be changed

I have something to tell

“I want to return”

If that day comes true at that time
あの日 あの時に 叶うのなら

I don’t need anything

I want to meet you now
今 逢いたい あなたに

There are many things I want you to know
知って欲しいこと いっぱいある

Hey i want to see you i want to see you
ねぇ 逢いたい 逢いたい

I can’t help it

I wished it all a dream

This heart is still crying
この心は まだ泣いてる

I’m thinking of you all the time (one more time)
あなたを 想っている ずっと (one more time)

(I don’t wanna say goodbye to you)
(I don’t wanna say goodbye to you)

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Misia / Jun SasakiAitakute Ima lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Hope you will enjoy listening the song and have a relaxing Sunday wherever you are.

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