Stories of Japanese picture book’s are very interesting but at the same time teach us about a life, just like western’s children’s books. I hope you read this Japanese story to your children if you have and enjoy together!

Warashibe Chouja – わらしべ長者 (the straw millionaire)


JUST few words before starting.

Odo(おどう)- an enshrinement hall

Kannonsama  (かんのんさま) - the goddess of mercy 

Wara (わら)- a straw

Abu (あぶ) – a hoursefly

Kerai (けらい) – a retainer

Orei (おれい) – appreciation, gratitude

Mikan – (みかん)mandarins

Machi hazure – (町はずれ) -the edge of the town; the outskirt of town

Tanmono – (たんもの)cloth, fabric

let’s start!

A young man is down on his keens and pray to the goddess of mercy

Once upon a time, a poor young man lived at a village.

The young man visited to pray to the goddess of mercy [ Kannonsama (観音様)] at an enshrinement hall every day.

「Dear the goddess of mercy. I am alone and top of it, I am poor. I would not mind how small it is so please give me happiness」And then, the goddess of mercy’s face was lighten up and his voice came out.

[I will make only one of your wishes come true. After going out of here, take good care of a first thing that you touch.]

「Yes thank you very much」

The young man went down on his keens, deeply vowed and thanked to Kannonsama.

A young man is holding a straw on his hand

When the young man was walking with excitement, his foot caught in a small stone and he stumbled and fell.

[Wow, so painful.]

When he fell he was holding a straw (wara・わら)which was dropped on the road.

「What a hell is it?」

He was about to throw it way and then he suddenly remembered what Kannonsama told him earlier.

「Yes, Kannonsama told me that even if how small and useless thing it is I should take good care of it. 」

The young man hold the straw with great care and walked.

After walking for while, a horsefly came flying and stopped on the young man’s face.

[Shut up, A noisy horsefly. ]

He caught the horsefly with his hand and tied it tip of the straw.

The tied horsefly flies around.

A young man and a child with his retainer

A Sumurai’s child who was with his retainer passed by. The child pointed at the young man’s horsefly and said,

「I want that horsefly!!!」He is bumming . His retainer approached him and asked.

「Give me that horsefly.」

「If you want this that much, here you are. 」

The young man handed the horsefly tied around the straw.

「This is a show of appreciation.」

The retainer gave the young man three mandarins.

A young man holding three mandarins is standing and a prices who is crouching down and a female retainer beside the princes.

When the young man walked til the outskirt of the town, he met a prices who was crouching down and her female retainer. The princes looks so suffering. The young man went to near.

「What has happened ?」He asked.

「The princes is having a trouble because she is so thirsty!!」 said the female retainer.

「Is that so, then I shall give you these mandarins」

「Thank you so much.」

When the prince ate them, she became fine immediately. The female retainer said to the young man.

「It was a great help to have received the mandarins. This is of our gratitude, I will give you a roll of cloth.」

To be continued (tsuzuki・つづき)

Mata ne. またね。

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