A Japanese Children’s Song – 童謡 [Peach Boy] “Momotaro” (桃太郎) 

There is a very popular famous Japanese fairy tale called 「Momotaro」. Today’s Japanese children’s song is from this fairy tale.

Peach Boy Story

First of all, I would like you to watch Peach Boy – Momotaro animation in English. So you will know what kind of story and why it is call [momotaro].

Now that you know the story of [Peach Boy], let learn the song with your children.

Japanese lyric in Romaji and English translation


Japanese LyricEnglish Lyric
1.Momotaro Momotaro san
Okoshi ni tuketa kibidango
hitotsu watashi ni kudasaina
Peach boy, peach boy
Please give me a kibidango that you got at your waist.
2.. Yarimasho yarimasho,
korekara oni no seibatsuni
tuite kyukunara yarimasho
I shall give you, I shall give you
if you follow me to conquer demons
I shall give you a kibidango
3. Yukimaho , yukimasho,
anatani tuite dokomademo
keraini natte ikimasho
let’s go’ let’s go
I shall become your retainer
and I shall follow you anywhere
4. sorya susume sorya susume
ichidoni semete semeyaburi
tubushite shimae onigashima
Let’s move on, let’s move on
Attack demons at once to defeat
let’s destroy the demon island
5. Omoshiroi omoshiroi
nokorazu oni o semefusete
bundori mono o enyaraya
How interesting, how interesting
attack all of demons
and get all treasures back home
6. ban banzai ban banzai
otomono inu ya, saru kiji wo
ishoide kuruma o enyaraya
hooray. hooray
A retainer dog, a monkey, and a pheasant are carrying a carriage quickly

Now let’s sing!

Hope you will enjoy this song with your children as well as the fairy tale and be able to learn some Japanese words! Please let me know if you enjoyed it or not!


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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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  1. That is a peach of a story. Thanks for sharing.

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