Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – Dream In The Street by Noriyo Ikeda (池田典代)

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been doing? We had a fairly good weather during daytime today. While I am having a cup of tea now I promised to myself that I should post this without a fail.

Today’s song is called 「Dream in the street」by Noriyo Ikedai. This album, released in 1979. And Noriyo Ikeda’s first and only album. The title track, “Dream in the Streets,” was written and arranged by Tatsuro Yamashita; he also plays guitar and sings on the chorus.

Its lyrics and my English translation

It is so hard to translate the lyrics in general because we would not know about the feeling the writers put into the songs. I have done my best. Hope it makes sense.

Amefuri no nakain the rain
itumo hajikeruit always pop
Hodo no mizutamari ni utsuruthe reflection on the puddle of the sidewalk 
Haiiro no kumogrey clouds
ayashiku yurete suspiciously shake
Watashi no kokoro mo yurerumy heart also shakes
Show window no nakain the show window
somato no yolike that of a revolving lantern
Machi yuku hito no mure wathe crowd of people passing
Itsumo itudemo always, anytime
isogi ashi deat a quick step
Minna onaji kao deeveryone seems to be same looking
Magarikado ni wa koneko ga kakurethe kitten is hiding at the corner
yousu o ukaggate irulooking around
renga no bil no chiisana sukimafrom the small gap of the brick building
mono hoshige na metsuki dewith wishful eyes
Dream in the street nagare te ikuDream in the street, flowing
Dream in the street mawatte ikuDream in the street, rounding
Oh, magic in the night, kurikaesuOh, magic in the night, repeating
Anata shitteru? honto no kotoDon’t you know about the true things?
Yoru ga oshiete kureru waThe night would tell you
Ashita ga kure ba yume mo sameru wawhen tomorrow comes, awake from the dream
Onegai hanare naide nePlease don’t leave me

My though

She is hoping that her dream stays forever, or is feeling fear to lose her lover after awaking from her dream. Her fragile voice is well fit to this song although the tune is disco tic and funky. Just wonder if the voice is much powerful, energetic, then may be it spoil its arrangement, I do not know. The sound of the base guitar is great, actually I love whole arrangement. I must say Tatsuro is great!

Thank you for watching my blog. Have a lovely Sunday!

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