Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – Pride by Miki Imai

Another Sunday J-pop time! How have you been doing? Here UK just wonder the summer has gone….

Today’s song is called 「Pride」by Miki Imai. Miki Imai was first a model then became an actress. Now she is a singer. Her gentle and sweet voice is a healer. This song was written by her husband, Tomoyasu Hotei who is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, composer, record producer and actor.  They lives in UK. This 12th single was released in 1996.

Its lyrics

As I am going a central London to see my friends’s band performance this afternoon I have a limited time this morning. So I got this lyrics from a site called 「Musixmatch」I think some lyrics are slight wrong, may be I am wrong. Nevertheless I have just written my own translation next to it.


Miki Imai

I’m one star in the south now – (Right now I looked up one star in the south and swore)
私は今 南の一つ星を

I looked up and swore

Always smile
どんな時も 微笑みを絶やさずに

To walk –

When I think of you – ( when I think of you I feel sad)
貴方を想うと ただせつなくて

Shed tears

Wish to the stars, pray to the moon
星に願いを 月に祈りを

I’ve lived just to give

But now the love for you is
だけど今は 貴方への愛こそが

My pride

Know that kindness is forgiveness
やさしさとは 許し合うことを知る

The last truth

If even selfishness seems to be adorable
わがままさえ 愛しく思えたなら

Really happy

You give me freedom and loneliness (You are the person who taught me the freedom and loneliness)
貴方は私に 自由と孤独を

The person who taught me

Be silent every time the night comes
夜が来るたびに 無口になって

I was hugging my shivering shoulders
震える肩を 抱きしめていた

But now the love for you is
だけど今は 貴方への愛こそが

My pride

Someday I should be able to fly
いつか私も 空を飛べるはず

I always believed

I would fly if I had wings

Immediately on your chest

Look up at one star in the south
見上げてみて 南の一つの星を

It’s a nice sky
素敵な 空でしょう

I’m just in love with you now
私は今 貴方への愛だけに

Laughing and crying
笑って 泣いてる

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Tomoyasu Hotei

My though

Have you found true love? Are you with someone who feel peaceful and happy together?Somehow I felt so peaceful after listening to this song. Perhaps because of its melody and her voice. The guttier solo parts sounds Hawaiian. How about you? Hope you like this song.

Thank you for watching my blog. Have a lovely Sunday!

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