Sunday J-POP (Japanese Pop) – ALL OR NOTHING By A Phantom Singer Takako Mamiya

Another Sunday J-pop time! It has been moody weather. Rain and Sunny have been competing each other to take a position of the weather. Today I introduce a phantom singer, Takako Mamiya. The song is one of a track on an album called [love Trip].

The album [Love Trip]

This album was released in 1982. It became the ONLY one album. After this album Takako Mamiya disappeared from a music world forever. Her voice give us an impression of coolness and collaboration with big musicians at the time made this album as an unforgettable piece of fine work which is still loved by many listeners.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing

お遊びで恋心まで売らないわよ あなたに – I don’t sell my love to you for a game

恋愛は好きか嫌いかどちらかだけ  それが決まり -Romance is either [love] or [don’t love]. That’s it!

All or nothing ご自由に – all or nothing. Feel free to take

All or nothing 割り切って – All or nothing, give a clear explanation

物わかりの いい男 – – an understanding man

物わかりの いい女と – and an understanding woman

言葉では言い切れるけど すぐ心は ジレンマ – easy to say in words but my heart soon falls into a dilemma

フクザツに 強気と弱気 – when my strength and the weakness cross paths

ネガとポジで クロスするの – negative and positive feeling crash each other

All or nothing むずかしい All or nothing it’s difficult

All or nothing せつないわ – All or nothing it breaks my heart

あなたが好き どこかでは – Somewhere in my heart “I love you”

あなたが好き 影の声が – my inner voice tells me that I love you

もっとあなたは うわてのうわて – but you are much much better

私の心 そっと 見すかして – You’ve already seen through my heart

思わせぶりな 感度で 迫る – approach me with a suggestive vulnerability

困るじゃないの もう – I don’t know what to do

電話での誘い方でも本気なのか I don’t know – Even the way you ask me out on the phone, I don’t know if you are serious or not

お酒でも 飲んで乱れて – we drink and lose ourself-control

探り合いの 火花がとぶ – and sparks fly from our groping of each other

All or nothing わからない – All or nothing, I don’t understand

All or nothing しゃくだけど – All or nothing it’s getting on my nerves

あなたが好き どこかでは – Somewhere in my heart “I love you”

あなたが好き 多分そうよ – I love you, maybe so….

 All or nothing 答えなら – All or nothing if I am to answer

All or nothing 決まらない – All or nothing, I still can not to decide

あなたが好き どこかでは – Somewhere in my heart “I love you”

あなたが好き どこかでは – Somewhere in my heart “I love you”

 All or nothing 答えなら – All or nothing, for my answer

All or nothing 決まらない – All or nothing I still can NOT decide

あなたが好き どこかでは – Somewhere in my heart “I love you”

あなたが好き 多分そうよ – I love you, maybe so..

My thought

Sometime we came across a situation that we are not sure if this love is true or not. We do not know our true feeling. Get confused. The best way to find out is that not think of that person for a while and that distance and that space of not being contacted make us realize our true feeling. If it is true feeling, then you want to keep in touch that person, want to talk, want to see dearly.

Hope you like it and enjoy it! Thank you for watching!!!

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