Learn Japanese with Famous Quotes – EINSTEIN’S QUOTES AE17 (アインシュタインの名言)

A black and white photo of Einstein

Einstein’s quotes are so powerful that I have been inspired so many times. I’m sure they are the inspirations to you as well. Let’s learn Japanese with Einstein’s quotes.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”



Roku sai no kotomo ni setsumei dekinakereba, rikai shita to wa ienai.

Photo by Zuzana Ruttkayova on Pexels.com

My thought

To explain to someone is uneasy even if you think you understand it to yourself. This happens to some teachers. Some teachers, professors are knowledgeable but are poor in teaching. Good teachers know how to explain and deliver to their students so that the students understand well. And great teachers are able to adjust and adapt appropriate words when they teach because the teachers themselves understand well what they teach. I think this is what Einstein similarly said.

Thank you for reading my blog. ARIGATO!!!

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