TOKYO OLYMPIC 2020 – An Australian Team Arrive in Japan

According to NHK Net News Easy, an Australian team of about 30 softball players arrived in Japan on 1st June due to starting a training camp. It was the first foreigner Olympic team to come to Japan.

After having a corona test on the arrival at the Narita Airport, the teams went to Ota city, Gunma prefecture by a bus. They will be having a training at the training camp for one and half month from now on. They all have been vaccinated before coming to Japan. While they do a training every day they will have a test. They will make sure not mix with other guests at the hotel and they will go out only when they go to the training camp.

Ota city is doing their best not to spread the virus by having a communication between the players and children online.

The below article is an actual copy from NHK Net Web Easy. Would you like to challenge reading?

東京オリンピックの合宿がっしゅく オーストラリアのチームが日本にっぽん

[6月2日 17時30分]




Majority of the Japanese nation are hoping that the Tokyo Olympic to be cancelled, however it seems to go ahead. What is your opinion? Should they stop the Tokyo Olympic or go ahead?

I wish all the best to all athletes!!!

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