10 Japanese Adjectives to Describe Something




An example

The road is narrow – michi wa semai desu.

NARROW – Semai 狭い・


WIDE – Hiroi 広い・ひろい

A garden is wide -niwa wa hiroi desu.

BRIGHT – Akarui 明るい・


Sky is bright – sora wa akarui desu.

DARK – kurai 暗い・くらい

Outside is dark – soto wa kurai desu.

NEW – atarashii 新しい・


A KITCHEN IS NEW – kitchen wa atarashii desu.

OLD – furui 古い・ふるい *(furui can only be used for things not person)

A sitting room is old – ima wa furui desu.

SMALL – chiisai 小さい・


The boxes are small – hako wa chiisai desu.

BIG – ookii 大きい・


A clock is big – tokei wa ookii desu.

EXPENSIVE – takai 高い・

たかい *(Takai means tall as well)

This car is expensive – kono kuruma wa katai desu.

CHEAP – yasui 安い・やすい

A bikini is cheap – bikini wa yasui desu.


I hope you find it easy to use those adjectives. Once you remember the structure all you need to do is put a none and an adjective together!

Thank you for dropping by.

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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