Covit -19 Vaccine – Japanese Elderly Person Start Taking It

In Japan, the front line medical workers at hospitals have started taking the covit- 19 vaccine from February this year. On 12th this month, over 65 years old have started taking the vaccine.

On 12th, over 120 venues over all the Japan have implemented giving the vaccines to elderly people. Due to the shortage of the vaccines some cities and towns are offering to those elderly person who are staying at care home at first. A 80 years old woman who took the vaccine at a town Hall in Hachioji city in Tokyo has said 「I am so glad that I have taken the vaccine as I take buses or trains to go to hospitals」

The population of over 65 years old is about 3.6 million. which is about 30 % of Japan’s population. The Japanese government says that they are to deliver to all cities and towns the second does for elderly people by the end of June this year.

The actual article by News Web Easy

コロナウイルスのワクチン お年寄としよりに注射ちゅうしゃはじめる

[4月12日 16時25分]




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