An Aquarium at Nigata City Shows A Giant Squid Found At A Beach

According to NHK News Web Easy, a giant squid lives at the deep sea was found at the beach at Nigata City on 2nd. The aquarium at Nigata City showed this squid until 4th.

The giant squid was 2.4 meter length , 106 kg weight, by the time the squid was found it had been dead. The aquarium put it in icy water and covered with a transparent sheet in order for visitors to be able to touch it. It was the first time to have shown the giant squid like this at the aquarium.

Families visitors were touching it, and taking photos of it. And they were talking like [they were taken aback as it was bigger than children] or [they wanted to try it] and so on.

This is not the actual image of the

Giant Squid found.

大王イカ・daio ika

The actual article

新潟市にいがたし水族館すいぞくかん 海岸かいがんつかったダイオウイカをせる

[4月6日 12時00分]



家族かぞくひとたちは、ダイオウイカさわったり、写真しゃしんったりしていました。そして、「どもよりおおきくてびっくりしました」とか「べてみたかったです」などとはなしていました。by NHK News Web Easy

Have you ever seen such a giant squid in your life? I have never seen it. If you have please let me know about it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!!

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