The Gander Gap All Over The World – Japan, 120th Out of 156 Counties

According to News Web Easy, the World Economic Forum in Switzerland researches how much gaps between male and female all over the world every year. The research was carried out in terms of politics, economy, education and health among 156 countries. The country with the least gap was Switzerland, Finland came in second and third place was Norway. Japan was 120th out of 156 countries.

In Japan, in term of education and health, the gander gap is not that much but in terms of politics and economy, on the other hand, is huge. The percentage of female MPs in the House of Representatives and female managerial positions at companies are low. In politics, Japan was 101th ten years ago, however, this year Japan came in 147th which was lowest so far.

The World Economic Forum has said that due to the new variant the percentage of female who has lost their jobs has been greater than male who has lost theirs all over the world. The difference between male and females has not become smaller.

The actual article

For those who are studying Japanese, this is good for reading as there is furigana above the kanji.

社会しゃかいでの男性だんせい女性じょせい 日本にっぽんは156のくにで120ばん

[4月1日 16時25分]



世界経済せかいけいざいフォーラムは「あたらしいコロナウイルス問題もんだいがあるために、世界せかいでは仕事しごとがなくなった女性じょせい割合わりあい男性だんせいよりもたかくなったりしています。男性だんせい女性じょせいちいさくなっていません」とっています。BY NEWS WEB EASY

My thought

This is a very disappointing result. I guess Japanese society has been changing and improving, yet there are certain fields are still needed to improve. Having said that we, as womene, has disadvantages. For example, if we have children to look after, the mothers are the first one to be considered quitting their jobs. After raising their children, it would be difficult to get used to the working environment quickly. Nevertheless, I want many women to be active in the different fields. I believe there are certain things that only women can do in our society.

A female holdS"GIRLS POWER" board
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Thank you for reading. Arigato!!!

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