10 Encouraging Words in Japanese – (励ましのことば) 

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The encouraging words

One a while everyone goes through tough times, things are not going smoothly as we plan, life is up and down. Sometimes we feel we wish someone helps us.

Especially now, we need to support each other, people are crying out for a help around the world. I wish I could help as many people as I can. All we need to do is to help people around you first. We might not be able to help physically but certainly can make our time to have a chat with them, listen to them.

I sometimes find difficult to choose right words to encourage someone who are disappointed, feeling down, and depressed. Telling them the right words at the right moment can be of great encouragement to them . Today I have selected 10 encouraging words in Japanese. If you have Japanese friends and want to encourage them, then these may be helpful.

  • You will be fine

    [ }なら大丈夫だよ

    Anata nara daijyoubu da yo.

  • Nothing to worry about


    shinpai nai yo

  • I know you are doing your best


    Ganbatteru no shitteru yo

  • I am here to listen anything


    nan demo hanashi kiku yo

  • Don’t you think trying too hard


    Ganbari sugi te nai?

  • I always support you


    Itumo ouen shite iru yo

  • Tell me if there is anything I can do for you 


    watashi ni dekiru koto ga attara itte ne

  • What’s happened? talk if you like


    nani ga atta no? yokattara hanashite

  • It must have been really hard for you.


    Turakatta ne

  • Everything will surely be alright tomorrow 


    Asu wa kitto yoku naru yo

  • My Experience

    Few years ago, I had gone through a difficult time. It was so painful. There were two types of friends trying to help me. One who were just be with me listening to me, encouraging me with right words at the right times. Other were also listened to me but trying to tell me what I should have done. Now which one do you feel much comfortable to be with. All they did was just tried to help me though.

    Don’t get me wrong. I was so grateful to have friends to encourage me when I was feeling down. But I also realized that it is very important to think about that person’s feeling first. put ourselves in their shoes, and choose right words carefully not telling them our opinions. Sometimes words are not necessary to be conveyed to encourage.

    Words can be hurtful as well as encouraging.

Hope I encourage you in a way.

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Hope you learn something new today!! Thank you for reading.

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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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