A Koala at a zoo in Awaji Island lives longer in the world!!!

Photo by Kevin C. Charpentier on Pexels.com

Become a Guinness World Record

According to NHK News Web Easy, the Koala at zoo in Awaji Island, Hyogo prefecture, in Japan, became 24 years old on 1st of February last month and has became a Guinness World Record as the longest life among all koalas raised by humans.

This Koala is female and named as [Midori] ,which is green in English, was born in Australia and came to this zoo when she was 6 years old. Midori, if she is a human, could be around 110 years old. However, even now she eats eucalyptus leaves lots and climbs the trees. She loves to be cleaned with a brush.

The staff at the zoo told that “She is very gentle personality and we think of her as our family and from now on we will continue taking care of her properly.”

The previous world record holder was a female koala in Australia and she was 23 years old.

The Japanese actual article by News Web Easy

For those who are studying Japanese, perhaps love to challenge reading the blow.





NHK News Web Easy Site

This is a great website for learners. After having challenged reading the above Japanese article, why don’t you visit the blow website and check yourself how you have done your reading!!!


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