A Japanese Children’s Song – 童謡 (ゆき)Snow

Do you like Winter? Oh I do not, I prefer Summer! However the scenery of fields, parks or mountains covered with snow looks magnificent and so romantic doesn’t it!!! Somehow it seems like a peaceful world to me. I remember one of the children’s songs I used to enjoy very much in the cold season when I was a child.

When we start learning any language as a kid we watch children’s TV programs. Starting A, B, C, D…….. and we learn some children’s songs. One of songs I have mentioned earlier is called “Snow ” (ゆき). We call snow “yuki”(ゆき) in Japanese. It is a very simply and perfect song for kids to learn Japanese words!  In this song you hear the word of “kon kon (こんこん)which is Japanese onomatopoeia (giongo)、expressing the situation of snow is falling a lot.

ゆきやこんこ (Yuki ya konko)

I have translated it’s lyrics below. In the second call of this song, two types of animals appear. Let’s learn!!! One is a dog (inu, 犬、いぬ)、and another one is a cat (neko, 猫、ねこ)。 What’s more, you may pick up a word of KOTATSU. You may think that what a Kotatsu is? (こたつ)A kotatsu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, formerly a charcoal brazier but now electric, often built into the table itself.

Now let’s hear the song again.

1. ゆきやこんこ
あられや こんこ

Snow is falling, hail is falling

Falling and falling, piling up thick and deep

The mountains, the fields are covered with snow

Bare trees will be covered with flowers of snow
2. ゆきやこんこ



Snow is falling , hail is falling

Falling and falling, and not yet stop falling

The dog is running in the garden with joy of snowing

While the cat curls up in the kotatsu
  1. yuki ya kon kon, arare ya kon kon, futte wa futte wa zun zun tumoru, yama mo nohara mo wataboshi kaburi, kareki nokorazu hana ga saku.
  2. yuki ya kon kon, arare ya kon kon, futte mo futte mo mada furiyamazu, inu wa yorokobi niwa kakemarari, neko wa kotatsu de maruku naru.

It is so interesting to see the different behavior of two animals, the dog and the cat. While most of dogs love running, playing with other dogs and we, human beings, cats are rather less active, of course, they love playing with us sometimes but not as much as dogs although cats can be sharp when they aim to catch something. Further more, in general, dogs seem to like cold weather but cats do not, they prefer nice and warm places. This song grasps their characteristic quite well. The dog is running in a snow while the cat is staying at home sleeping.

Hope you will enjoy this song and be able to learn some Japanese words! Please let me know if you enjoyed it or not!


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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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