Convey Charm of A Nishikigoi「World Nishikigoi Summit」Foreign Ambassadors Attend

According to News Web Easy, Nishikigoi originally came from Nigata prefecture, is a carp with beautiful patterns and colors. On 6th of November, at Nigata City, World Nishikigoi Summit was held to convey the charm of Nishikigoi and in order to increase export to world. About 150 people including Japanese governors as well as foreign ambassadors attended this summit.

At the conference, the some plans were presented such as selling items which are related to Nishikigoi at abroad and planning a tour. Because recently it has been increased of people buying online safe deals should be properly done. And because a Nishikigoi has a clam temperament, they have decided to promote it as a peace image and to increase economic and cultural exchanges.

The committee who held this conference said. 「We were able to have hold this summit for the first time ever in a world. By using digital technology we wish to convey the charm of Nishikigoi. 」

Anyone who wish to read the actual article please click the link below.

My thought

This is a wonderful story. If more people think what we can do now to support people who are suffering the world becomes better place to live. I really admire and respect those manga artists.

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