JAPANESE ANIME PICTURE BOOKS’ STORIES –  アニメ絵本話 “くわん、くうた・Ate, did not eat “

Ate, did not eat – くわん、くうた


JUST few words before starting.

Otera – a temple

Osho – a monk (mater)

Kozo – a disciple

Mon – a gate

Hotoke sama – a Buddha

Ohagi – s a wagashi made with glutinous rice, regular rice, and sweet azuki paste

a monk is looking back.

Once upon a time, there was a clever monk and a disciple at a temple.

One day the monk have decided to go out for a village.

When a monk goes out he told a disciple.

「Please take care of the temple properly. 」

「Yes Master. Please do not worries and safe journey」

The monk went out of the gate and slowly walked towards the village.

The disciple who was seeing his mater off at the gate of the temple, walked to a main hall quickly soon after his mater became invisible.

a disciple is standing at a gate and seeing off his master, monk.

The disciple entered into the main hall and came in front of a Buddha.

The Buddha is on the high step and in front of it there is a shelf on which offering for the Buddha is displayed.

「This morning, it looks like village people came to display their offering. The master must have put the offering on the Buddha’s shelf. 」

The disciple brought a step and stood up on it.

But he can not see well because the top of the shelf is dark.

The disciple touched them with his hands,

「Oh boy, it is soft, what the hell is it. .」

a disciple is looking at a offering to a Buddha.

The disciple brought a light and looked at it so well.

「Wow, it is ohagi. Looks so delicious. 」

He can not help but wants to eat. But he should not eat the offering which is for the Buddha.

So the disciple thought.

「Dear Buddha, they looks so delicious but they might be poisonous. So I will test them for you.」

The disciple put anko (sweet azuki (red beans) paste ) on his finger and licked.

「Just licking is not same as testing the poison. 」

He took one of ohagi and ended up eating it.

A disciple is putting anko around the Buddha's mouth

「What a delicious Ohagi. But I think the master would tell me off if he notices one of ohagi is missing when he comes back.. What shall I do? .」

While the disciple was looking at the other ohagi he was thinking.

「I got an idea. I should tell the master that the Buddha ate it. 」

And then he put anko around the Buddha’s mouth thick.

「Well done, I did a great job. Now I can eat the rest of ohagi without worry. 」

The disciple ate ohagi fast one after another.

「That was so tasty」

The disciple ended up eating all ohagi.

Tsuzuki (to be continued)

Mata ne. またね。

Hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for reading it.

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