Japanese Sayings/Phrases/Proverb・ – Kotowaza [ことわざ] – U no mane o suru Karasu

It is just like English sayings and phrases, there are Japanese sayings and phrases as well. It is called [kotowaza ことわざ].

Today’s kotowaza

鵜のマネをする烏 U no mane o suru Karasu

Few words for you.

U – Cormorant

Karazu – Crow

Photo by Freddie Ramm on Pexels.com

A crow imitating a cormorant.

Trying to ape your betters leads only to failure/Know your place.

Its origin

A crow which is not good at diving or swimming, tries to imitate a cormorant to catch a fish in water but  drowned.

Its meaning

It won’t work out even if you copy someone with skills without thinking that you are capable of doing that particular things.


Imouto wa shourai kashu ni naritai to, yoku terebi no mae de utatte iru. Watashi kara miruto, u no mane wo suru karasu to omou ga, sukkari sono ki ni natte iru node, totemo sonnna koto wa ienai.

My sister wants to become a singer in future and often singing in front of a TV. In my view, I think she is u no mane o suru kara (Trying to ape your betters leads only to failure). But she has became so minded that I can not even tell her that.


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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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