Sunday 80’S J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Behind You by Hitomi Tohyama (当山ひとみ)


The Sunday J-pop time again! It has been very busy week but full of excitements. Today’s song is called Behind Me by Hitomi Tohyama.

She came from Okinawa, in 1981, she released [Just Call me Penny]. She used to have a monthly live at a live house [Egg Man] at Shibuya Tokyo. Gradually she was recognized and people started called her as a new live queen and gain her popularity.

Hope you like it.

Behind You Romonization

Behind you

Anata no senaka ni dare ka


Chiisana toge ga

Mune o tsukisasu yōni

Kizukanai hodo

Sameteyuku I know

Mawashita te o kitsuku shite

I love you

Hohoemi nara kureru kedo

Naze sukoshi tōku

Watashi o miru no tsurai

Behind you


Heya no katasumi po-tore-to


Fui no terefuxon I know

Yoru no michi de nakidaseba

I love you

Dō shita no to idaki yoseru

Sono yasashisa sae

Kanashiku naru no totemo

Behind you

Anata no senaka ni dare ka


Behind you

Behind You English Translation by floomie

(Behind You)

I see someone

Hiding behind you

My heart’s gotten so cold

And my mind’s grown numb

As if a fine thorn

Has struck straight through it

Why do you wrap your hands tight around me

(I Love You)

And give me a smile

Yet still look at me from a little far away?

It breaks my heart

(Behind You)

Under the portrait hung in a corner

Of the room where you betrayed me

The telephone suddenly rings

And you hang up in a panic (I Know)

As I cry on the street at night

(I Love You)

You hold me close and ask me what’s wrong

But that kindness

Just makes me more sad

(Behind You)

I see someone

Hiding behind you

(Behind You)

(Behind You)

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