Sunday 80’S J-POP (Japanese Pops) – Melty by Masayo Kawaguchi (川口雅代)

Melty 川口雅代

The Sunday J-pop time again! I was very busy until now but fulfilled feeling. Now that I want to relax I am looking for some songs which struck me. And here you are, The song I have never ever heard before. I have found a singer from 80’s who has very sweet lovely voice. Masayo Kawaguchi sang “Melty” in 1981.  

She now lives in Boston, USA, looking at her profile, surprisingly she have various profession, as a writer, a journalist, a reporter, an actress , a sing-song writer, a singer, DJ, a voice actress etc.

Unfortunately I could not find the Japanese lyrics for this song. She is fall in love but at the same time she is scare that his feeling is fading away as he gets to know her. “Melty” she has experiencing tender, sympathetic, or sentimental feelings.

Hope you like it.

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