Japanese Sayings/Phrases/Proverb・ – Kotowaza [ことわざ] – Udo no Taiboku

It is just like English sayings and phrases, there are Japanese sayings and phrases as well. It is called [kotowaza ことわざ].

Today’s kotowaza

うどの大木 Udo no Taiboku

Few words for you.

Japanese Udo

It is tasty when mixed with sugar and vinegar.

Daiboku – a big tree

Good for nothing (of large people); big but useless

Its origin

When a Udo grows it becomes about 2 meters but its stem is soft and useless.

Its meaning

A person who has a big body and great but is useless people. We use when we talk about someone with false impression, deceptive appearance.  

How to use it


Otouto ha hito ichibai karada ga ookii noni, karada o ugokasuno ga dai kirai. Haha ni otukai o tanomaretemo, nannya kanya itte ikanai. 「Marude, udo no taiboku yo 」to haha ni iwareta.

My bother is bigger than others. But he hates moving his body. Even if his mother asks him to do shopping, he always find a way to make excuses and does not go. 「As if he is udo no taiboku isn’t he. 」my mother said.


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I am a native Japanese who teaches Japanese to non-Japanese speaker as a private tutor. Teach from a beginner to Intermediate level. location in London.
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